Moses Dresser Phillips and his Authors

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Moses Dresser Phillips and his Authors


Phillips, Moses Dresser, 1813-1859
Phillips, Sampson & Company


This collection includes information about Moses Dresser Phillips and the authors who were involved in his publishing ventures in Worcester and Boston.

In many cases, the item includes an image of the author. If not, the item includes the author's name or an image of the title page of one of the author's imprints.

The imprints metadata for M.D. Phillips and for Phillips, Sampson and Company lists the titles of the publications, sorted by the earliest imprint. Each title includes the imprint year(s), and many have links to the books from or Haithi Trust.


MaryKate McMaster


The content in this collectiom is based on my dissertation and my continuing work on Moses Dresser Phillips and his Boston publishing firm, Phillips, Sampson and Company.

This is a link to the WorldCat site for my dissertation

McMaster, MaryKate
A Publisher's Hand: Strategic Gambles and Cultural Leadership by Moses Dresser Phillips in Antebellum America
(Ph.D. dissertation, College of William and Mary, 2001)
Copyright - MaryKate McMaster, 2001


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.


MaryKate McMaster

Collection Items

Ad for Phillips, Sampson & Company's Shakspeare Series in Richmond Enquirer (Richmond, VA), 31 August 1849.
Phillips, Sampson & Company ad for the upcoming Shakspeare series. George M. West & Bro. is listed as the bookseller in Richmond.

William Shakspeare
During this time period, Shakespeare's last name was spelled Shakspeare.

Edward Everett Hale
Edward Everett Hale and Susan Hale, his sister, circa 1855.

This graph charts the number of reviews for several Antebellum publishers in various Antebellum periodicals during 1850.I researched and prepared it as part of my dissertation on Moses Dresser Phillips.
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