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Harriette Newell Woods Baker, an Andover, Massachusetts native, was born on August 19, 1815.

Better known by her pseudonyms "Madeline Leslie" and "Aunt Hattie," Harriette was an author, editor, playwright and publisher.  As her A Woman of the Century profile notes, Baker penned "nearly two-hundred moral and religious tales" (46).  Tim, The Scissors Grinder was an extremely popular work. She also wrote Reminiscences and Records of My Father, Leonard Woods, D. D., of Andover.  In addition to her books and play, she also wrote for the Boston Recorder, the CongregationalistHarper's Magazine, the New York Observer, The Puritan, and Youth's Companion.

Later in life, Harriette wrote her autobiography: Leslie, Madeline.  The autobiography of a very remarkable woman / edited by Walter Baker.  London : A.T. Roberts, 1894.   She passed away in Brooklyn, New York on April 26, 1893.


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